About Disa Designs


bullet Ásdís Erla (Disa) is a designer and the owner of Disa Designs. She lives in Iceland, but her patterns and books are produced in the USA and distributed from her office in Minnesota.

bullet Disa has been drawing and creating from a very young age. She has a degree in art teaching and teaches primary school children art as well as operating her Disa Design business.

bullet Disa started up her business in 2004 as an opportunity to promote her designs and ideas. A year later she started publishing her patterns and books in America under the name Disa Designs.

bullet She has taken part in the International Quilt Market since 2004, 35 of her patterns have been published and her 9th book is coming out this spring 2014. Disa has a passion for runners and her runners books have been very popular.

bullet Disa loves to draw, as her graphically patterned runners show. It doesn´t hurt that the projects are quick and easy to make. Her patterns, therefore, are quite fitting for beginners as well as the more experienced.